Unique 2 Portable 3-Way Freezer
Model UGP-2

The new Unique 2 is a versatile 3-way addition to your life! At 2.2 cu/ft, it can operate on three different power sources- propane, 12 volt for the truck, or 110 volt.

Super efficient, it will operate at -16C/+3.2F in a +25C/77F ambient under propane/110 volt.

Whether you want additional freezer capacity at the cottage (can use as a fridge on gas), or to transport frozen food to camp on 12V, there are all kinds of applications for this appliance. All at a great price!

Features and Benefits:

CSA Certified - Unique understands that certification is the badge of quality. Non certified appliances may void your cottage/house insurance, and are illegal in Canada. This particular product is certified under the portable gas-fired camping refrigerator standard.

3-Way Operation - With the ability to function on 110V/12V and LPG, this fridge can be used in a variety of applications. Whether camping, using at your cottage or keeping food cold on the way up, this fridge suits your different needs

Energy Sipper - The fridge only uses approx 0.7 lbs of propane per day...Think about it - a 20 lb LPG tank would last a month!

Side Handles - Side handles allow for ease of portability

Size - 2.2 cu/ft. / 61 Litres

Per the AINSI standard, this refrigerator is intended for use both indoors in adequately ventilated structures, and outdoors. Please refer to relevant provincial/state codes.

Available: Gray Only

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The Unique UGP 6F propane chest freezer, at 6 cu/ft, allows for extended stays in paradise. The chest freezer is dual powered (LPG & 110V) – no need to worry about “brown outs”. You can use on 110v, then if you lose power, operate on propane. No need for expensive back up generators. This CSA certified product is perfect for off-grid living, large families and hunting/fishing camps.Operation: Propane (LPG) / AC (110V) Dual Power Features:

• Dual power allows for “brown” applications / frequent power disruptions
• Two storage baskets
• Front mounted controls
• Thermostat
• Battery ignition
• Flame indicator

Available: White Only

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